Swigs & Grinds

Swigs & Grinds began as a blog dedicated to eating, drinking & being merry. 

What is a Swig and a Grind? Swigs & Grinds = Drinks & Food. But not just food and drinks, also the connections, moments, hearts, conversations, adventures, experiences and images that hold these drinks and foods; it is the stories, recipes, images, ideas and community of food, drink and adventure. 

Heidi Bailey is a chef, photographer and writer based in Honolulu Hawaii.

At Swigs and Grinds you can pull up a chair, belly up to the bar, sign up for classes and workshops, get recipes, read articles, essays and reviews, inquire about catering and private chef services or just enjoy mouthwatering images or get inspiration for your next adventure.

While we pursue and preach the gospel of "Eat, Drink & Be Merry", there is plenty to laugh at and chew on along the way.


Swigs |ˈswigs|

NOUN Drinks. Wine, cocktails, beverages of all sorts. The stuff that wets our whistles and provides cheers.

Grinds |ˈgrind|

NOUN Food. Sexy food, simple food, real food.